In Short SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the “Organic” ranking of a website on a major search engine, such as Google. When a person does a general search for a product or service, those websites related to the terms searched for, come out on top.


Lets give you an example,  If my client Lindy has a booking business called Exclusive Bookkeeping Services and nobody knows that this business exists but they  are looking for a bookkeeper.  So they go onto Google and search for "bookkeeper in Somerset West Capetown".  If Lindy has a proper website with SEO management in place, her website will show up on the first page of the Google ranking,  this will lead business straight to Lindy, with minimal effort.  SEO is a part of digital marketing which includes social media and other helpful strategies which make a website more than a pretty piece of artwork..


These days, if you’re not Online with proper SEO in place, your company may as well be invisible



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